Fundamental Tips For Colour Blocking


Now that we are steadily marching towards the closing chapters of this year the general mood of gloom is heightening with graying skies, and mood dampening winds. A change can be brought about in these depressing conditions by brightening up our wardrobe. In fashion, colour blocking is the newest kid on the block. Summer, autumn or winter, colour blocked outfits are guaranteed to lift the mood. However, there are some basics which we need to know about colour blocking before venturing out into the world and having fun with it.



Colour blocking comes more or less instinctively to us because all of us have some fundamental knowledge about the colour wheel. In short: it consists of the three primary colours; red, blue and yellow stationed like the hours 12, 4 and 8. Thus, midway between red and yellow will be orange, midway between yellow and blue will be green, and purple will be between blue and red. To colour block firstly we need to decide if the colour blocked outfit will consist of complementary colours (colours on opposite ends of the wheel), neutral colors (black, white, grey, brown), monochromatic colours (same colour but different tones) or analogous colours (shades that appear side by side on the colour wheel).


color wheel


1> The entire ensemble should have no more than three colours, and ideally one of them should be a neutral colour.



2> Choose colours which look good on you because not every colour is meant for everyone. If you are having difficulty in deciding, just ask someone else for their opinion.

colour block and neutral colour


3> Bright colours tend to attract attention while dark colours conceal, so avoid wearing outfits where the blocks of bright colours are located over the parts of your body which you are not very fond of. This can also be used to our advantage, for example, wearing bright jackets will draw away attention from the hips and thighs.


4> For a slimming effect we should choose prints that colour block in a vertical fashion. Petite and slimmer than average people, on the other hand, can wear blocks which are done horizontally.

accesories and colour block



5> For that extra style quotient we can accessorize our outfit using large belts, chunky jewellery and flashy shoes. Vibrant and patterned prints in belts and scarves can also spice up the colour blocked outfit.